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This article is about an rpg game called Runes of Magic and Unbreakable Guild.

Runes of Magic - Unbreakble Guild
Siege War Map

Hello all and welcome. This tutorial is only intended to inform newbie players how the Unbreakable guild play the Siege War (SW). It is very important to join SW because you help the guild and you get Honor points to buy new PVP gear to use, for stats, or even to sell. The game Runes of Magic in Unbreakable guild is the best!

The SW starts every day at 20:00 GMT.


Pre Siege War

Preparation counts

Try to be online 30 minutes before the SW starts. It’s a perfect time to get buffs and potions from your housemates, Guild Castle and Seasonal. After that, you go to buff party for player buffs.

Buff party

We all gather at Ayren’s Caravan (South West side, a few meters away from Snoop) at least 10 minutes before the SW starts. You get there from:

  • Snoop at Varanas
  • Snoop at Obsidian Stronghold
  • by getting a quest (only once per day) at Varanas central plaza. The NPC is next to mail box, outside of Auction House.
Sascilia Steppes

We also write at guild chat (“/g”) the command “xsw” which automatically invite us in the raid. This is happening because many player buffs can’t be done if you aren’t in party.



To be sure for what tower we speak, we use words like “home left, home right, mid left, mid right, enemy’s left, enemy’s right”. Also, when we see an enemy coming or camping, we inform the others about enemy’s class and position. The terms left and right is when we are into the castle looking at the enemy’s castle.

If we killing balloons at home side and an enemy kill us, we also inform the guild and if it is possible, we state the class.

We don’t spend any merits or crystals for any reason except if we are at 4. Trapping. If you want to do something else, ask at Guild chat.

1. Try to read the Guild chat

I know, it’s difficult to play and read the guild chat at the same time but you can achieve that if you are an experienced player or trying to be 🙂 It’s important because over there the other team players ask for help or inform what is going on at several places. Ofcourse, during the SW is not the best time to talk about irrelevant things so if you have nothing to say, be quiet.

2. Merits, Merits, Merits

The first priority is to gather merits, in fact we gather merits all the time during SW by killing (or participate on killing) balloons, players, guards. We need at first 1.000 merits to get Herald and 1.000 crystals bonus. So every time you got 100 – 200 merits, you hand them at a player who always is at the center of our castle. Usually the player is Ambal or Klavka. He has also auto trade add-on (at auto receive mode) so if you install it, you can just trade him and automatically give him all your merits. This add-on works ONLY in SW so not to be afraid of anything or don’t try to setup it if you are not in SW. Otherwise you do a normal trade.

3. Guild buffs

When we get Herald, we continue to gather merits and hand them (as described earlier) because it’s time for Guild buffs. Those buffs make us stronger at defense, magical and physical attack so they are very important to finish them as soon as possible. At this time also, we try not to spend crystals by buying invisible towers or anything else requires crystals. You don’t have to do anything else except gathering merits.

4. Trapping

When the Guild buffs finished it’s time for trapping (normally you will see an announcement at Guild chat or you check your buffs). Traps of course are very important for defending a Tower. If you are low level or not so strong to cope with the enemies, it’s better to start trapping the Home Towers.

Buy traps from every banner located in each tower
Buy traps

You can buy the above traps from the banner located in each tower.

4.1 How to trap depending on the enemy

In every trap we place an Invisible tower close to it so the enemy can not see the trap. The Invisible tower cost 200 crystals from Processing factory (the one inside at right and the other outside at home right) so we check first how many crystals has the guild at this time. We don’t spend all the crystals at once.

If the enemy is full of warlocks or players with magical attack, we use more Face of Treachery traps.

if the enemy is full of rogues or players with invisible potion, we use more Eye of True Knowledge traps.

Trapping Home towers with Eye of True Knowledge and Invisible Towers
Trapping Home towers


Of course, a combination of above is best. We also put an invisible tower close to those traps, otherwise are not hidden and can be removed from distance.

As you can see from the above image, not all the traps are covered by an Invisible tower so the enemy can see those. This is good because the enemy knows that there are traps but can’t see all of them. So if come close, the Invisible traps will catch him.


No way, this war is Unplayable

We always try to win no matter of the enemy. If they are more and stronger than us, then we stay inside the castle and defend. We running around the walls to check where the enemy is prepare to break the gate and always inform the others if we see a tornado or activity. We also check where the enemy’s herald is because only this guy can cast a tornado.

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