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A free android math app (Dimitri Math App) is a game with the 4 basic operations. It is addressed mainly to Primary school children and younger or older. Because it is fully customizable, can be adapted to children of Toddler or even any older, who like or want to practice on mathematical operations.

It is made so every player is rewarded, the one who will answer all of the questions right, will see the 1st prize. The one who answers most correctly (from the set of questions, 51%) will see the 2nd prize. Everyone else will see the 3rd prize.

Free Android math app Dimitri Quiz – Quick Information

  • Downloads: 85
  • Current version: 1.21
  • Requires Android: 4.0 and up
  • Updated: March 11 2019
  • Size: 6,8M
  • Cost: Free
  • Does not require any permission, if asks, deny it.

Free Android math app Dimitri Quiz – About

As a father, I tried to find a hobby likes my child and me so we can have quality time together and be able to pass the “seed” of programming computers. So I started with my son applying Dmitri Math Quiz, to show him the basic practices of programming and to practice the multiplication tables. After taking an initial shape, I thought that this app will be useful for all the kids, so I finished in a very nice and cute environment.

Free Android math app Dimitri Quiz – Instructions

I think the use is very simple for a user who has a little experience of Android apps and there is no need for explaining instructions. Of course, a few tips are always useful.

When you run the app, you see a screen with a button in the middle which you need to press to be redirected to the main menu.

Now you can choose between 5 games (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and all the operations).

It’s a good time to tap on the 3 vertical dots (top right of your screen), so you can access settings and customize your preferences. Press back to return and save settings.

Tapping on an operation, the game starts immediately.

you will see a little slide bar over the graphic keyboard, by moving it left/right, it will grow/shrink the graphic keyboard in order to customize it to fit the screen. This setting is stored so you won’t need to re-adjust next time you run the app.

You can pause at any time the game by pressing “back” button of your device, or select “Cancel” from the menu at the top right of your screen. When you complete all the questions (depending on how many rounds what you selected in the settings), a table is displayed with your progress. By pressing on the broom, you delete all your progress.

Free Android math app Dimitri Quiz – Tips & Tricks


  • By pressing the “back” of the device always goes to the previous screen of the application. But if you’re in an active game, the timer freezes and asks if you want to cancel the game. If you answer “Yes”,  you cancel the current game and returns you to the previous screen. By pressing “No” you continue the current game.
  • In the settings, to change a number, first click on it and then with the buttons on the lower right, increase or decrease it. If the number that you want is big, long press on it and write the desired number.
  • By pressing a few times back, depending on where you are, drive on the home screen (splash screen) of the application. There, if you press back again, you get a message “Press back again to exit the application”.
  • The progress is not saved on your device so if you exit app will be lost.

Free Android math app Dimitri Quiz – Installation

You can dowload for FREE from Play Store  or by QR code.

free android app Dimitri Math Quiz QR Code
free math app Dimitri Math Quiz for Android

Free Android math app Dimitri Quiz – To Do

  • Automatic count of hold on addition and subtraction with negative numbers

Free Android math app Dimitri Quiz – Updates

This article will be the central page of the application where you will be informed about anything newest. You can still write your message with your thoughts or even suggestions on Dmitri math Quiz.

Feb 21 2019

At this time it is almost complete (it is in a period of testing) and in a few days it will be available to those who have devices with Android operating system.

Feb 27 2019 version 1.00

Dimitri math Quiz is available for download.

Mar 4 2019 version 1.14

  • Settings: Automatic levels are added so you don’t have to fill the range numbers. Of course you can edit those numbers
  • Settings: OK Button is added. If enabled then when you click the right answer, goes to next question automaticaly.
  • Settings: Added option for Negative numbers.
  • Operation: Minus button is added on graphic keyboard so you can click a negative number. You see it only if you enable negative numbers
  • If your device is running in Greek language, the you see the app in Greek language, otherwise in English.

Mar 11 2019 version 1.20

  • Asks permission for read/write SD Card, deny it, it is not needed. I’ll try to remove this permission. It was added automatically because of the use of drawing holder.
  • Settings/Operation: Choice to see the operation horizontal or vertical
  • Operation: Choice to write the hold on a blackboard by your finger
  • Settings: Choice for automatic hold
  • Operation: Choice to see the previous operation
  • Operation: Choice to see the correct answer

Free Android math app Dimitri Quiz – Compatibility

Some automatically tests made by the Google Play,  the following devices can not run the application:

  • Galaxy S3 Android 4.3

  • Moto Z Android 7.0

Free Android math app Dimitri Quiz – Epilogue

Thank you friends of the application for finding errors, omissions and suggest ideas to make it more beautiful and more attractive for children.

See also other apps I made here.

Free Android math app Dimitri Quiz – Video

Check the following small video to get in touch with the app’s environment.  English users don’t worry, the app is running also in English language.

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