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Greek statue shop – eStatueShop

The  Greek statue online shop has been created during the pandemic of the known virus (COVID-19) on behalf of a retail seller. Taking the advantage of the lock down and its consequences and not being really able to go somewhere on holidays, I created this online store in which you can choose and buy several Greek statues without having, actually, to visit Greece. Besides, someone could select any of the statues as a  wonderful present for a close family member, relative, or friend.

The main objective regarding this online shop was to develop it in such a way, so that its displayed statues to be sold globally with an easy, fast and effective way and offering to the buyer a great and pleasant experience.

Greek statue shop – The eShop

Greek statues at eStatueShop website

In the screenshot above, a part of the home page can be seen in which the user can access the products very easily. First, all the categories are displayed and then all the products in an alphabetical order. A search option is also given in the upper left corner of the web site where by typing at least 3 letters you can see the product results.


The sorting of the Greek statues can be applied as follows:

  • Default sorting (displays all statues by alphabetical order on statue name)
  • Sort by popularity (displays all statues with most views)
  • Sort by vote average (displays all statues by the most good votes)
  • Sort by latest (display the last added statues first)
  • Sort by price: low to high (displays the cheapest statues first)
  • Sort by price: high to low (displays the most expensive statues first)


All statues are divided into categories according to their subject matter. Of course you may find a statue that belongs to more than one category. This happens when e.g. a statue is bust and animal, then it will belong to the animals category and the bust category.

Filter by price

A very useful feature is the price range of the statue. This way you can choose the range of money you can spend to buy a statue. By selecting a range (you move the filters), you get the list of statues that conform this selection.

Filter by color

Another useful feature is the filter by color. This way you can get the list of statues that conform the selected color.

Quick View

Another useful feature is the the Quick View ability. You can check more information about a statue without change page. Of course you can visit the the statue page through this view.


By typing at least 3 letters from what you looking for, the search function displays the list of statues (and the variations) found. By selecting one of them, you see the statue page with all the required information.


Greek statue shop – Product page

Τhe product page contains all the useful information about a statue. If it comes in variations, you will see a range of prices (from-to). By selecting the preferred height and/or the preferred color, the price is changed.

if it doesn’t come in any variation, you will see a fixed price.

Buying a statue

If you have a PayPal account, you can easily buy wherever you see the PayPal button. Otherwise you can use your Credit or Debit card.


If you want buy more than one statue, it’s a good idea to add it to cart. When you feel that you don’t want to buy more, go to cart page (at header if you use a computer and/or at footer if you use a handheld device). Depending the resolution of your screen (usually if it is a mobile or tablet device), you see at the right up corner a menu sign. By pressing that, you get an extra menu which is missing from mobile devices.


Currently this online Greek statue shop accepts by default euros and as secondary currency the American dollar. The exchange rate is updated at least once per day.

more to come, stay tuned…

Greek statue shop – Recommendations

I would like to recommend some of these  statues I’ve seen for several occasions.


Devotion statue Cycladic Art made of Alabaster

A couple embrace each other in Cycladic art

The Sensual Kiss statue of a couple made of Alabaster


Doctor’s office

Asclepius statue with his serpent-entwined staff

Oath of Hippocrates – Greek product made of Alabaster

Hippocrates bust statue – Greek product made of Alabaster

Hippocrates whole statue made of Alabaster


Lawyer’s office

Themis Blind Goddess of Justice (Greek letters)

Themis Goddess of Justice (Latin letters)


For a small gift

Small Owl statue made of Alabaster


For a warrior collector


For a Ballet dancer

Ballet dancer – Ballerina – Type 1 – made of Alabaster

Ballet dancer – Ballerina – Type 3 – made of Alabaster


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